Fishing Report: August 28, 2010

The weather is changing and fall is in the air. We had a few nights with lows reaching the 30’s. The next weeks forecast is for cool wet weather. This is great news for trout  and the fly fishers who chase them. Once the weather transitions we begin to see the fall hatches begin and trout get more active and on the feed. There are good numbers of Tricos emerging in the morning, and we are seeing the big fall drakes or Hecubas. Mahoganies should be out once we get into September. Fall produces some of the best dry fly fishing of the year and is a beautiful time to be on the river. Hopper fishing is still very good and should continue throughout September as they are a bit late this year due to the cool wet spring. Other area rivers fish well this time of year. The Blackfoot and Clark Fork are good options  and I will spend  time guiding them as well as the Bitterroot. Get out there and enjoy the great fall fishing. See ya on the river…

Fishing Report: August 10, 2010

The Bitterroot river is in great shape thanks to releases from Painted Rocks dam and some recent rain storms. Flows and temperatures will remain favorable to trout throughout August and into the fall. Fishing has slowed a bit in the past week as the major bug hatches of summer have waned. There are still a few hatches of pmd’s, goldens and caddis around but the trouts major focus is on terrestrials. Grasshoppers have turned up late due to the cool spring but are in full swing and on the trouts radar. Beetles, Ants and Spruce Moths are also on the trouts diet. Look for the first of the fall may fly hatches ( Tricos & Hecubas ) to begin in about two weeks. See ya on the river.