Fishing Report: July 25, 2010

We are entering the dog days of summer which is typical for this time of year. Thanks to all the rains of May and June, flows on the Bitterroot have held up quite well. Water levels are getting a bit low and water temps are on the rise. The good news is that water releases have begun from Painted Rocks dam. These cold water releases will continue throughout the summer replenishing flows and keeping water temperatures at comfortable levels for trout. There are still good hatches of may flies primarily PMD’s and spinners in the morning, by mid day the Golden Stones are coming off in good numbers especially the Bitterroot Stone #12 which is more burnt orange than golden. Late afternoon is a bit slow in the heat of the day, and then things pick up in the evening with more may flies and Caddis. We are getting into that time of year where terrestrials such as hoppers, beetles, ants and spruce moths are important food items for feeding trout. It looks to continue to be another good summer on the Bitterroot. See ya on the river.

Fishing Report: July 11, 2010

The Bitterroot river has continued to drop over the past week. Current water levels are at or slightly above average and leveling off. The river is in great shape for floating and fishing. Abundant hatches are making for some consistent dry fly fishing. Green and gray drakes, PMD’s for the may flies, golden stones from #8-#14 are coming off in large numbers on the warm afternoons. If you choose to stay on the water until dark there is also a great caddis hatch. Most of these hatches will continue throughout the end of July. See ya on the river.

Fishing Report: July 1, 2010

The Bitterroot is flowing slightly above average but has dropped quite a bit in the last week. Salmon flies are about done on the West Fork but a few fish will eat a well presented imitation. Not only are the East and West Forks fishing but the entire river from Darby down to Missoula is coming into shape.This is a time of abundant and diverse hatches. Golden Stones, Green & Gray Drakes, PMD’s and Caddis can be found emerging on the entire river. Thanks to all the rain we had in May and June, July should be a great month for fly fishing. See ya on the river.