Leaves are showing their color as we enter further into fall. The Bitterroot had its 1st frost a few days ago and the last few nights low temps have been getting into the high 20’s .. What does this mean for fishing? Trico’s and hoppers are beginning to wane but a few may linger on the warm sunny days.. Mayflies are the main menu with Mahoganies and Blue Winged Olives being the major hatches.. These bugs will come off in the afternoon and last for a few hours. Cloudy days produce more bugs and rising fish but as we get colder, fish will begin to feed more consistently even on bright days.. Before the hatch starts, run may fly nymph droppers in size #12 – #20.. October Caddis are emerging and can produce some exciting action not only on the Bitterroot but Blackfoot as well. The Clark Fork fishes well this time of year with pods of rising trout eating abundant may flies. Flows are quite low on all area rivers so floating can be harder and dragging the boat across shallow gravels bars will be necessary on most stretches. This is a great time to wade fish with easy access and concentrated fish. October is a magical time to fish in western Montana with beautiful fall colors, rising fish and less people on the rivers. So get out and enjoy the last great dry fly fishing of the season……See ya on the river!

Summer is over!

The Bitterroot has seen some badly needed rain and cool temperatures over the last few days. The higher peaks have even seen some snow. This precip and cold nights should put an end to our fire season and local authorities have responded by lifting some fire restrictions. The air is cool , crisp, and smoke free. Like the weather the river and fishing has begun to change. May flies are the name of the game in fall with multiple hatches. Trico’s are emerging in the morning, afternoons bring on Hecubas, Mahoganies, BWO’s. On bright sunny days when there aren’t as many may flies , hopper dropper rigs can still catch you some fish. We are entering a time of great dry fly action which should last well into October. See ya on the river………….