Dog days of summer!

Typical hot dry wether continues as we move toward the end of August. Not much in the way of hatches coming off right now. A few rusty spinners and caddis in the morning, but usually only bring up small fish.. Spruce moths have provided some great dry fly fishing in august but are now beginning to taper off.. The best dry fly action we’ve seen lately is with grasshoppers. There are a ton of them out and they are brining up some big fish.. If need be on the hot afternoons a dropper nymph a couple feet below the hopper will bring in a few fish. Tricos are just starting to show on the lower river below Hamilton and should provide great technical dry fly action in the mornings throughout september.. Forecast are calling for a cool down this week with highs in the 70’s. This should get the fall may fly hatches going.. see ya on the river…….

Gettin hot but the fishing is still good!

Hot dry days continue with temps reaching the 90’s today. The river had dropped significantly in the last week and we are approaching average summer flow.. Cold water releases from Painted Rocks dam have begun and we should see another increase in flows this week. The mid summer hatches have dropped off especially in the warm afternoons. In the morning and evening you will see the best hatches.. In the am we are still seeing PMD’s, and rusty spinners. Evenings are filled with caddis and more spinners.. In the middle of the day terrestrials are the name of the game. we are seeing large numbers of spruce moths and most days the fish are on em. Hoppers are just starting to bring up some good fish. If you aren’t getting fish to the surface drop a nymph 2 feet below your hopper for more action.. See ya on the river.

August on the Bitterroot!

Hello all, sorry I have not updated the fishing report in a few weeks. After a slow June everyone wanted to fish in July. Now that August is here the Bitterroot river is still in great shape. The hatches and river levels are about 3 weeks behind so the river is still fishing like mid July. Bugs hatching are Golden stones, the smaller Bitterroot stones, Pmd’s a few Green Drakes and Caddis. These hatches should begin to drop off overb the week as we transition into late summer conditions. Terrestrials such as (grasshoppers, spruce moths, beetles and ants) will be the main target for trout until fall. Get out and take advantage of the great summer fishing. See ya on the river……………….