River rising!

We have had a week of warm temperatures in the 70’s over the last week. While some folks like the weather these unseasonably high temps have put a damper on fishing…. The Bitterroot has risen significantly with melting snow brought on by the heat… Currently the river is running much higher than normal and off color… Not much opportunity for dry flies or even wets. There is a bit of a silver lining to all this.. The next few days are forecasted to be cooler (50’s) which will slow the melting process. The Bitterroot is leveling off and should clear and stabilize. While water levels will remain high the river should fish again… Stick to the softer water and side channels… There are abundant hatches currently, Skwala’s, Nemoura, March Brown, Gray drake, and BWO’s. Be safe and we’ll see ya on the river………….