Mid June Report

The river had been shaping up nicely and producing good fishing on Salmon flies until the recent rains hit. The Bitterroot has experienced 3 days of heavy rain and the river is back on the rise making for some difficult fishing. Dry weather is in the forecast and the river will drop quickly once the rain ends. We are already seeing good hatches of Salmon flies, Golden Stones, Green drakes and PMD’s… give it a couple days before heading out and please be careful as flows are high and fast. See ya on the river……..

Early Summer Report

After an unusually high runoff thanks to above average snow pack, it looks like the Bitterroot River peaked on May 25th and is on the decline. The river has dropped about 2000 cfs in the last week… I am estimating that the river will be in shape by about the middle of June… Salmon flies should be out in abundance by then. Water levels will be high and fast, so proceed with caution and always wear a PFD. I’ll be guiding on the Missouri for another week then back to the Bitterroot to scout the river and prepare for summer. See ya on the river…………