Rivers dropping, fish rising!

The Bitterroot has dropped significantly since last week. Water clarity is excellent and fishing is improving daily. While I have spent most of the last week fishing the East and West forks the main Bitterroot should begun to turn on. No matter what water levels are early July is a time of abundant hatches on the Bitterroot. You can still find some Salmon flies on the upper most West Fork but river wide now the stone fly of choice is the golden. We are having good luck on size #8 and 10’s and will fish smaller ones as the season progresses. In the may fly category Green drakes are out. The fish switched off the golden’s in the afternoon yesterday but would happily rise to our green drake imitations. We are also seeing large numbers of the smaller PMD. It is hard to fish this small pattern in the heavy water but if you can find some trout rising in a side channel or soft inside seem they are probably munching PMD’s. In the morning while the water is cool droppers will get lots of fish. While the river is dropping ,caution is advised as it is flowing more than twice normal volume. Life jackets are strongly recommended. Get out have fun and be safe. See ya on the river……….  ~><(((*>