What a difference a week makes.

When I posted my last fishing report a week ago it was snowing in the valley. Since then we have had temperatures as high as 75 degrees and some great dry fly action. The warm weather definitely brought the fish up but unfortunately after a couple days of warmth the river came up as well. Fishing slowed down considerably with the higher water but is now picking up as the river is on the drop. We worked hard for the fish but managed to catch a couple 20″ + on Skwalas. There are still good numbers of the big stone flies out and fish are keying on them. The spring mayflies ( March Brown, Gray drake ) are emerging in good numbers every afternoon. It seems that fish are not as focused on them yet this spring and many fish taking may flies will take a Skwala if it passes over. Best fishing is still in the afternoon, run a Skwala to prospect or a double rig with a may fly about 16″ behind the stone. We are living on borrowed time as far as river levels go. While its been cool and the river is dropping, it’s only a matter of time before spring warmth gets runoff going See ya on the river………  ~><(((*>